Romania : 2001-07-02
New taxes in Romania
According to the Government Emergency Ordinance no93/2001 on modification and supplementing of the Law no73/2000, Environment fund is an economical and financial instrument, which supports and achieves the projects of the National action plan for environmental protection, according to the current rules and standards. The incomes of the Fund are composed by: a) 20% of the value of recyclable iron exports; b) 30% of the value of non-ferrous waste exports; c) 30% of exports of stocks; d) 5% of paper waste imports; e) 10% of the value of commercialization on the internal market of the dangerous substances or the strongly toxic products to the population, independent of their source; The sums must be payed before the 25th day of the next month of the one the activity took place. All natural and legal persons developing such activities have the obligation to calculate and pay the sums requested.
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